Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Of Panthers and Vodka...

Bringing a conclusion to our little mini-campaign, the other night saw another fine battle between Jeff and I. Well, fine, that is, if you consider burning Panthers and squished Russian infantry to be "fine".

I took an agressive SS Panzerkompanie consisting of 2 HQ Panthers, 3 Panthers, a Bergepanther, a GpPzGren platoon, and an understrength Panzergrenadier platoon while Jeff shoved a bunch of infantry, assault guns, some Anti Tank guns, mortars, oh and more infantry against me.

I started Pretty agressively pushing everyone forward as far as possible, partly to deny him some prime ambush locations but also because I knew that I had to remove him from his hidey-holes before his reinforcements showed up.

Ah, plans...when will you ever survive contact with the enemy? *sigh*

Read on for the rest of the report! Does contain large amounts of pictures!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Battle Report - 6/14/10

Jeff's IS-2 List of Doom versus Pete's hapless Panzerkompanie

My 1,500 list consisted of a PIV HQ, two platoons of three PIV H, a GpPzGrenadier platoon, Quad 2cm AA, and a King Tiger.

The matches between Jeff and I are usually throw down slugging matches, and last night was no exception.

The Udarny exploited the gap created by ousting my Sturmkompanie from their hastilly setup defenses, and only a blocking force of Panzers could be mobilized to attempt to halt what could become a major breakthrough.

I assembled a force of Panzer IV H's backed up by Panzergrenadiers and a lone King Tiger and it's attendant Quad AA's.

The mission started smoothly with my Panzergrenadiers and PIV H HQ advancing towards the objectives, while the first turn had my King Tiger show up from reserves. First successful reserve roll I've had in ages, and it was a doozy! Jeff's massive heavy armor, meanwhile, pushed into the dead center of the table with his entire force.

Perhaps emboldened by this show of agression Jeff's air support decided to show up early - and proceed to cause nothing by showy fireworks without actually hurting anything.

On the next turn I had another amazing round of reserves - this time the first platoon of PIV H's joined the fray, hastilly advancing off to the right flank. My grenadiers advanced onto an objective and successfully dug themselves what ended up being their own graves a few turns later. The King Tiger laser-beamed the tail end charlie IS-2 while the PIV H's only managed to kill two exposed infantry stands while pinning the platoon.

On Jeffs turn he rolled to rally his pinned down supporting infantry. Fail. Battalion re-roll. Fail. Commissar re-roll. Fail. The 'Fearless' troops had had quite enough of Comrade Yvanski and decided to bury their heads a bit deeper this turn instead of advancing into the German defenses. A few long range shots from the IS-2's that continued the advance failed to not only dislodge the dug in grenadiers but pin them as well. The only bright spot of the turn for Jeff was watching my very own air support dice betray me and have three of the flying tanks show up. Ironically enough, the only thing killed by the air support was both of the Quad 2cm Anti Aircraft. The survivors will be shot.

The next turn saw the kettle finally starting to boil over. My flanking force of 3 PIV H's continued their advance around the rear of Jeffs IS-2's and proceeded to put three long range shots onto his Battalion command - bailing him! Meanwhile my King Tiger moved to the edge of the woods and got yet another hapless Russian Tanko in his sights - only to completely duff his firepower roll. Ding!

Meanwhile, Jeff had the audacity to not only fail to get his battalion commander in, but advance and assault my dug in grenadiers! The IS-2's came rumbling up, survived my sole panzerfaust shot, and proceeded to grind two stands into a fine paste. My grenadiers happened to really like those two fellas, so got out of the trenches and tried to show those Commie bastards what-for! So, the panzerfaust - in his excitement - completely missed and Jeff saved both of the other hits on his top armor. So much for vengeance.

However, apparently my germans were screaming really loudly, or perhaps not wearing any pants because Jeff failed his counterattack roll. Yay! Vengeance! Bolstered perhaps by the failure of the IS-2's to grind out my germans Jeff's Infantry charged into the remaining grenadiers who were too busy celebrating their (short-lived) victory over the communist dogs that they failed to score a single hit in defensive fire. This would prove costly as Jeff butchered two more stands and forcing me to fall back out of my position down to only three stands, while only killing one stand in retaliation. The one stand must have been a company favorite, though, because the remaining infantry decided that they had in fact had enough of this mess and retreated off of the table.

Despite losing a company, and failing to completely remove my panzergrenadiers, Jeff was in position solidly ontop of the objective. I had to get in and contest it this turn or lose the game.

My panzergrenadiers failed to unpin, but my delayed PIV reserves finally made it onto the board - racing to get rear shots on Jeffs bailed out Battalion command. The other PIV platoon was down to one effective, due to having a thrown track on one tank, and the other being a smoking wreck. I advanced and tried to put as many shots on the hapless commander - but failed to run him off the table or turn him into a wreck. Drats! The King Tiger saw itself getting within contest range of the objective and completely missing a (very) close range shot at an IS-2, but buying me yet one more turn...
Read on for more of the action and some glorious pictures!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tommies and Yanks versus Germans in NUTS!

More pictures available, so read on!

Things I hide from my Wife...

Yeah, I totally have too much stuff.

Monday, April 19, 2010

So, here we are...

As the title so boldly states, I have at last started my journey into the blogosphere. Lame, I know, but I had to toss out the reference to Questionable Content out.

Regardless, this blog is due to be an online source about the machinations of my life, my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and my Wargaming Hobby.

Primarily, I would like this blog to showcase my step by step process on my mission to complete a Late War British Rifle Company for Flames of War. The title makes sense now, right.


Anyway. Hopefully the few visitors to this site will keep me motivated an honest in my endeavor to complete this army. I am also planning on distracting those few followers with morsels of Battle Reports, and also pictures from past painting and hobby projects.

Personal thanks go out to Steve and Rob for pushing me into this situation. Without those two this blog would not exist. So, there, now you know who to blame.